I Need to Sue My Employer. How Can I Find the Right Lawyer?

How To Pick an Employment Lawyer

If you’re looking for a lawyer in the Golden State, you don’t need to look far. Over a quarter of a million attorneys are in California. If you’re looking for the “right” lawyer, you’ll need to do a little digging. Although all these professionals have the same basic educational background, not all lawyers are created equally, in California or any other state. Most attorneys can capably handle most cases, but there’s only one “right” lawyer for a certain job.

Overall, if you are suing a big company, your lawyer shouldn’t be intimidated by big fights and long odds, because that’s what you’re up against. However, as you look for the right legal representation, it’s best to focus on some everyday qualities. Plenty of lawyers have a fire for the fight, but they don’t have the everyday commitment that a top employment lawyer has. Your case deserves the very best, regardless of who the opponent is.


It might seem unusual to start this list with this area. But in many ways, accessibility is the most important quality your employment lawyer can have.

The rise of Zoom and other virtual visits has changed the accessibility factor. But no online meeting can substitute for a personal consultation. So, your lawyer should be willing to meet you in your home, office, or other stomping ground. That’s especially true if you were recently terminated, and depression is preventing you from leaving the house.  It’s very difficult for these individuals to go across town and see their lawyers, especially on a bad day.

Accessibility has a professional dimension as well. At some law firms, less-experienced associates or even non-lawyer paralegals serve as gatekeepers. Or, even worse, they may do the bulk of the day-to-day work on the case. This over-delegation is especially common in big firms which many people assume are the right choice to take on a big company.

At the same time, over-accessibility could be a bad sign as well. If you want to try a new restaurant and there are no cars in the parking lot, it’s usually a good idea to keep driving.


Remember how Perry Mason did it all, from wills to divorces to murder cases to personal injury claims? Those days are over. If your foot hurts, you should go to a podiatrist. Likewise, if you have a specific kind of legal problem, you should go to a specific kind of lawyer.

That being said, there is strength in diversity and no one wants a one-trick pony for a legal representative.

So, as a rule of thumb, if you’re taking on a big, bad company, your lawyer should spend at least half his/her time focusing on a certain area of litigation. If employment litigation, or whatever, is a sideshow, your lawyer may miss important details.


This final area to look for is self-explanatory. Or, is it?

Years of experience are often deceptive. For example, many criminal defense attorneys practice law for years and hardly ever try cases. Instead, they look for a quick plea bargain and an easy way out.

So, in addition to years of experience, your lawyer should have substantial trial experience. Most likely, your civil or another case will settle out of court. Nevertheless, you want an attorney who can go to the mat for you if need be.

Count on a Diligent Employment Attorney

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