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Age Discrimination is Illegal

Older persons often contribute more experience, knowledge, and competence to the workplace. However, some employers use discriminatory practices against older job seekers and employees. Employers are often motivated by mistaken ideas that older employees are more expensive, have greater medical expenses, or may not remain with the company for the long haul.  Employers sometimes make discriminatory and illegal decisions that unfairly prejudice older workers. San Diego Discrimination Attorney John McCarthy, represents employees, throughout California, knows the law and will fight aggressively to preserve your legal rights.

How do I know I’ve been discriminated against based on my age?

Let’s face it, most employers just don’t come out and tell you they are illegally discriminating against you because of your age, and the courts know this. The courts, therefore, will often look to circumstantial evidence to find age discrimination by looking at all the facts involved and comparing what happened to you with what happened to comparable younger workers. Employers, attempting to camouflage their illegal actions will blame non-age related factors such as reductions in the workforce, corporate downsizing, or reorganization for the illegal actions. However, because you have a front-row seat, you may easily recognize age discrimination when your employer takes such adverse employment action because of your age while similar-level, but younger, employees were treated differently and more favorably.

Typical age discrimination cases include:

  • Demotion
  • Suspension
  • Wrongful termination

State and Federal laws protect workers from employment discrimination based solely upon age. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act specifically protects people over age forty from discriminatory hiring practices and employment decisions made by employers based on age discrimination.

Age Discrimination Attorney John McCarthy knows the law and can help you understand how it applies to you and your situation. Besides a thorough understanding of age discrimination John also understands the corresponding issues involving retirement law when age discrimination and your pending retirement issues are intricately intertwined.  Call Attorney John McCarthy today to see about a confidential consultation- (800) 690-1701.  

Age Discrimination

“If you have been treated illegally and unfairly, I can help you recover past and future lost wages and benefits, compensation for emotional distress, attorney fees, and sometimes even punitive damages. As an attorney fully-invested in the rights of employees, I simply will not tolerate workplace age discrimination.” — John F. McCarthy, Esq.

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